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Goodbye Poonjab



August 11, 2015

Children's Picture Book

Written and Illustrated by: Tabbatha Bella

Publisher: Vazdoo

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945463-19-8

hardback ISBN: 978-1-945463-27-3

Digital ISBN: 978-1-945463-15-0

LCCN: 2018900206

Nominated For:


Caldecott Medal

Geisel Award

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award

IPPY Award

Children's Moonbeam Award

Parent's Choice Award

Georgia Author of the Year

Royal Palm Literary Award

Mom's Choice Award

Reader's Favorite Award


In Tabbatha Bella’s debut book, Goodbye Poonjab, children follow the story of a young boy, named Elijah, who suffers the loss of the family dog. Elijah, with the help of his parents, struggles to overcome the difficulties of losing the beloved family pet. He learns he cannot shut the door on love, and he must find the strength to allow love back into his life through a new dog.


Goodbye Poonjab is a timeless, heart-filled story about the courage to love. Tabbatha's detailed, hand illustrated artwork adds a special warmth to this tale. This book was written and illustrated with four purposes in mind:



• To tell and illustrate a good, solid story that both children and parents will enjoy


• A book that parents can use to help a child deal with the loss of the family pet


• A book that can also aid children in the grieving process of losing a friend or family member


• Lastly, it highlights the importance of adopting animals from local shelters


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Free samples from Vazdoo's Lesson for: Goodbye Poonjab. A workbook for educators to use with students.

Sample 1-Word Unscramble

Sample 2-Vocabulary

Sample 3-Art




Animal Shelter Education for Kids

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Loss of a Family Pet Advice

10 Tips Dealing With Death of A Pet (By:


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