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TITLE: Misha the Brave

AWARDS: Reader's Five Stars (Nominated for 6 Awards)

GENRE HI-LO Middle Grade



Travel with MISHA (mee-sha) through the adventure of a lifetime as she escapes an abusive home to live on the streets with other homeless dogs and cats. Be there as she is rescued and adopted, along with an orphaned pug named BUTCHY, by an interesting family with three other dogs: a military German Shepherd named TANK, a prissy Maltese with attitude named GABRIELLA, and a crazy circus poodle named COCO.


Misha soon learns her new family has an unusual occupation that forces her to face the fears from her past and become a brave dog. She steps into a new life full of love, fun, and adventure and transforms into something she never imagined.



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"An affecting work of juvenile fiction featuring memorable, sympathetic canine characters."


In this novel for older grade-school readers, a runaway abused dog joins a group of other rescue animals and finds both courage and her calling. Bella (Goodbye, Poonjab, 2018) begins her story with a harsh flashback, as Misha, a little pit bull mix, remembers the cruelty of her former owner; she later ended up on the scary city streets "with nowhere to go" and "no family to love her." Now Misha is sharing a car ride with Butchy, another rescued dog, to their new home in the country. The journey sparks a second memory for Misha--one of loneliness, terror, near starvation, and injury, before a garbage truck driver took her to a shelter and a veterinarian's care. (Bella doesn't sugarcoat why some dogs end up in shelters; Butchy's owners, for instance, were killed by a drunk driver.)


Misha and Butchy join an eccentric group of other rescues-turned-therapy dogs, led by Tank, a canine Iraq War veteran with the personality of a drill sergeant; little Maltese Gabriella; and Coco, a former circus dog. The dogs' caretaker, disabled ex-soldier Tommy, tells them that their "special duty" is to fight "depression with joy...and loneliness with love." As Misha wrestles with fear and a lack of confidence, Bella invites readers' empathy for the other dogs by giving them their own backstories. The author touchingly handles Misha's realization that she's worthy of receiving and giving love. Bella's pleasant, full-color illustrations punctuate the text, adding homely charm. She also adds unexpected elements to the story, such as Misha recognizing Tank's vulnerability during a crisis.




-Kirkus Review




"Watching Misha find her place in this very special family is a marvelous and touching journey. "


Misha the Brave is an animal fiction story for children grades 4-6. Tabbatha Bella's rescue animal story for children is a moving, and well-written story, about an abused dog who finds freedom through family and serving others. Bella's story beautifully displays the transformative strength of a solid family and unconditional love. Watching Misha find her place in this very special family is a marvelous and touching journey. Misha the Brave is most highly recommended.


-Reader's Favorite






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